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VRoom - Virtual Reality experience & 3D printing

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The Library has opened an exciting new area for a whirlwind of experiences with creative new technologies: VRoom!

Fly over the globe visiting exotic destinations, find yourself twirling a lightsaber on Tatooine, paint a 3D picture in mid-air, or travel inside the human body. 3D print designs, models, experiments, or tools. This is your space – make it your own! Check out what we're currently offering.

We are open to ideas on what to include in the space; our aim is to foster your creativity and innovation, values that are relevant across all disciplines. Immerse yourself – and play!

computer monitor showing VR content

User gallery

Person using VR set

Tony tries out our new VR set. Come and have a go in the Reserve section on Level 2 of the library!

VR screen showing a street n Australia

Explore a new location using Google Earth on the VR headset.

3D printed Groot

He is Groot. And he is the cutest 3D print we have seen so far.


Use the hashtag #MQVRoom on social media to share your projects and join in the conversation!

We will feature our favourite pictures and projects from the hashtag on this page in our User Gallery.

Booking information

VRoom is located on Level 2 of the Library, in the Reserve section. Make a booking! Choose 'Library Bookings' and then select either the 3D Printer or the VR headset.

It is accessible for staff and students during the hours that Level 1 & 2 of the Library are open.

The 3D Printer has a minimum session booking of 2 hours. Time slots available in 30 minute increments. While this is a FREE service you are limited to 10 hours of use per month. If you have exceeded your quota you will not be able to book the printer and therefore not allowed to print. Failure to show up within 15 minutes of your booking will result in your booking potentially being cancelled. Please see staff at the Collection Point before accessing the space.

You may book the Virtual Reality space for up to 2 hours at a time, and you must have a friend with you when using it for safety reasons.

You will be briefly trained on how to use each service the first time you use it.

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