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Australian Economy

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Welcome to the Australian Economy LibGuide!

This guide provides you with links to websites and electronic resources that may be helpful to your research. Click on one of the tabs on the side to find information about different areas relating to the Australian Economy.

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Definitions and background information

Dictionaries and encyclopaedias are examples of reference sources. You can use dictionaries to find definitions and encylopaedias to find background information.

Use MultiSearch to search for reference sources in the library.

  1. Go to Advanced Search  
  2. Select "any" in the first drop down box to search for handbook OR dictionary OR encyclopedia
  3. Select "in subject" in the second box to search for broad terms  like Economics OR Economy

Search these Electronic Reference Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias:

Examples of hardcopy reference materials:

Click on the titles to get call numbers and locations.

New Palgrave dictionary of economics


General Economics Resources

Library of Economics and Liberty

Provides access to various writings on the subject area of Economics. It provides access to an Encyclopaedia of Economics as well as articles and Books, The books include classic Economic theory by authors such as Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes and others. 

Library of Economics and Liberty icon


Economics and Business. It also provides analysis and commentary on topics related to economics and business.Investopedia is a great free online dictionary which provides definitions and explainations of all things related to economis and business.  It's primary focus is on business and investment and it is quite US centric however it is a great easy to use site which also proivides global commentary on all things buiness and economics.

Investopedia icon

OECD Economic Survey- Australia

OECD's periodic review of the Australian economy examines recent economic developments, policies and prospects. 

OECD Economic Survey- Australia icon

Economics Students Society of Australia (ESSA)

ESSA strives to be the point of difference in your University experience through uniting theory and reality. They innovatively connect like-minded students together to ignite a passionate economics community that is more informed, engaged and aware of the breadth of opportunities and unique multidisciplinary relevance of economics.

Economics Students Society of Australia (ESSA) icon

Australian Industry Group

Ai Group’s Economics Team specialises in monitoring, assessing and analysing developments in the Australian economy.They provide de tailed, real-time insights into Australia’s economic and policy environment for members and businesses, through their program of regular surveys, reports and specialist research

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