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Evaluating Information

The quality of the information you use in your assignment, as well as your understanding and interpretation of this information, is essential to your essay. Use these links to help you;


Starting your research can be a daunting experience. InfoWISE is an open, self-paced, skill building iLearn unit that will walk you through the process, from beginning to end. It will give you tips on where and how to look for scholarly information sources, as well as teach you some advanced skills to extend your research. Self-enrol today to make the most of the Library resources.

Researching Your Assignment

Use the link below to look at the information gathered to help you get started on your research journey.  Topics focus on:

  • finding books and articles
  • understanding your assignment question
  • finding background readings
  • study and writing skills
  • how to search a database
  • how to critically analyse information
  • evaluating material found on the internet

Evaluating your search

Learning Skills

The Learning Skills team are located in the Library and are available at the Information Desk on Level 2 at the following times;

Monday - Friday

12 - 2pm

Week 3 - week 13