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Bibliographic Referencing Software

What is Mendeley?

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Mendeley is a free research management tool that contains a combination of a desktop applications and a web importer that stores research works in any browser. It is a reference manager and academic social network that can help researchers organise their research, collaborate with other academics in their discipline online, and discover the latest research trends.

Its features include:


  • Mendeley provides you with free online storage to automatically back up and synchronise your library across desktop, web and mobile.

  • Mendeley Desktop is compatible with Windows (32 and 64 bit), Mac (OS X 10.6 or later) and Linux (32 and 64 bit).

  • You can install Mendeley on an unlimited number of computers for free to read your papers offline or take your entire Mendeley research library anywhere through all major internet browsers (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari....) by signing into Mendeley.

  • Sync your data across devices so that you can work and access your research wherever you go. It is compatible with iOS and Android.

  • Automatically generates citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word (2007, 2010, 2013), Mac Word (2011), LibreOffice, and BibTeX according to your chosen style.

  • Allows drag and drop citations from PDF articles into Mendeley where citations are then automatically generated.

  • Detects keywords from within the PDF document and allows highlighting and adding sticky notes directly to your PDFs.

  • Quickly search and select your citation style from the community managed database, or create new styles with the CSL Editor - see this tutorial for help.

  • Sync with other bibliographic software like EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero, Papers, BibTeX....

  • Capture bibliographic data from PDF, web sources and databases.


  • Mendeley allows you to come together with other users to share references and to exchange ideas.

  • Create private groups, connect with colleagues and other researchers and securely share your papers, bibliographies and annotations. Every time you add notes or highlight a paper, it will be visible to members of the group in their newsfeed. Any member can add or edit any cited references and watch projects progress over time.

  • Create an academic profile, upload your papers and publicise your research.


Have a look at our comparison of referencing programs to see if Mendeley is the right bibliographic software for you.

Mendeley video tutorials

Getting Started with Mendeley

Importing your Documents


Generating your Citations


Organising your Library


Click here for more Mendeley Video Tutorials and Help Guides.

Mendeley at Macquarie

Macquarie University Library now offers enhanced Mendeley access for all Macquarie University users with Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) as part of Mendeley online.

If you join the Macquarie University group, you'll get 100 GB of personal space in Mendeley online (vs 2 GB with the free, unaffiliated version) and 100 GB of shared space (vs 100 MB with a free account). You'll also be able to create an unlimited number of private, shared groups with up to 100 members.

How can you get access to our MIE subscription?

  1. Sign in to your Mendeley account, or create an account if you do not have one.

  2. Join the Macquarie University group. On that page, click the “Join this Group” link. If you did not use your MQ email to set up your Mendeley account, you’ll be prompted for your MQ email address, and a link will be sent there for joining the group.

3. click here to download button 

Use the link to download the desktop version of Mendeley which will sync with your online account.

Import existing reference libraries into Mendeley

Mendeley offers step-by-step guides on how to import your existing reference libraries from other bibliographic software into your Mendeley account:


Mendeley Support

Mendeley Tips