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EndNote for Mac

What are filters?

Most databases allow you to directly export your search results into your EndNote Library (see the Export Directly from Online Databases page).

A few databases require you to save your database search results as a text (.txt) file, and then to import that file into EndNote using filters.

EndNote comes with a range of filters. You may download specific filters using the link below:

Import filters button

Download a filter

To download a filter

  1. Use the above link to go to EndNote Import Filters page
  2. Choose the filter and click Download
  3. It will open inside your EndNote program
  4. Click on File > Save As
  5. Check the filename
  6. Click OK
  7. Close the filter.

This will save it in the appropriate directory on your computer. Usually this will be Macintosh HD > Applications > EndNoteX8 > Filters.

Make sure the EndNote folder locations match where you are saving the filters. In EndNote select EndNote X8 > Preferences > Folder.

Import using a filter

Once you have saved your text file from a database, you will then need to import that text file into your EndNote Library:

  1. Open your EndNote Library
  2. Click on File > Import 
  3. Browse your computer to find the text (.txt) file you have saved from your database search
  4. Choose the appropriate filter in Import Options
  5. Click Import 

P.S. If you cannot see the Import Options, click the button Options at the bottom left corner

Import options screenshot

Factiva filter for Mac

Provider: Macquarie University Library. Click on the Download filter button below to download the MQ amended Factiva Filter for Mac.

DOwnload filter button

To export records from Factiva into Endnote:

  1. Search Factiva by entering keywords and click Search
  2. From the search results, mark records by ticking the box at the left of the records
  3. From the Display Options dropdown menu (on the top right corner) select Full Article/Report plus Indexing
  4. From the Save (disk) icon dropdown menu select  Article Format 
  5. Copy and paste the records to the texteditor.  Then click on 'Format' and 'Make Plain Text' to change the record to plain text
    Click File and Save the file as [Given name].txt to the desktop.
  6. In EndNote, select File > Import 
  7. Choose the file you have saved on the Desktop
  8. At the Import Option select  MQ_Factiva_DJ_.enf  filter and click Import.

See step by step instructions on our Import Factiva Records page.

Watch: Importing using a filter

This is an EndNote Training production published on Jun 15, 2017.  It shows how to save data from PubMed as a text file and import it into EndNote. This method allows you to import large amounts of data in a single import.

Anthropological Index Online (AIO)

Provider: Royal Anthropological Institute. Use ReferBiblx filter in EndNote.

Save Search Results

  1. Search database entering keywords and search options
  2. Click Search
  3. Tick the boxes next to the articles you would like to have in the results list
  4. Click on the EndNote icon at the top right corner EndNote icon screenshot
  5. Click and save the download file
  6. In Endnote click File > Import
  7. Locate and highlight file from Download
  8. Use ReferBiblx filter
  9. Click Import

Bibliography of Asian Studies

Provider: Association for Asian Studies. Download filter from EndNote.

  1. Search the database and click Submit Query
  2. In the search results display, click Add to Bookbag to mark selected records
  3. Click Download records
  4. Click Save
  5. Save file as text (.txt) to desktop
  6. Click Close
  7. In Endnote select File/Import/File
  8. At Choose file, locate this from the Desktop
  9. At Import option select  Bib of Asian Studies
  10. Click Import.

International Medieval Bibliography

Provider BREPOLS. Filter available from EndNote

Save search results

  1. From the search results, click the boxes for selected records
  2. Click Export
  3. Select .txt Endnote
  4. Click Export
  5. At File Download click Save
  6. Save file to desktop
  7. Close
  8. Import to Endnote Library (filter name is Intl Medieval Bib).

PubMed Central

Provider: US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Filter in EndNote entitled PubMed (NLM)

Save search results

  1. From the search results, click the boxes to select records
  2. From the drop down menu click on Send to
  3. At Choose Destination select File
  4. At Format select MEDLINE
  5. Click Create File
  6. Save the file as .txt to the Desktop
  7. Click Close.

Import into Endnote

  1. From Endnote select File/Import/File
  2. Click Choose file button
  3. Click to locate the .txt file from the desktop
  4. At the Import Option select PubMed (NLM) filter (you may need to tick it in Endnote Edit/Import Filters/Open Filter Manager first)
  5. Click Import.