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Tracking Your Research

SciVal collaboration module

SciVal uses Scopus data. The collaboration module is where you can evaluate the existing research collaborations of your institution. Start with a worldwide view of your collaboration landscape. Then zoom in to individual collaborating institutions and researchers anywhere in the world.

You can also use this module to identify new opportunities for collaboration in your own country or worldwide. See which institutions and researchers your institution isn’t yet collaborating with.

All data can be filtered by a specific subject area. Data can be exported, and you can review the underlying list of publications behind every publication count.

InCites collaborations data

InCites uses Web of Science data. InCites facilitates several views of collaborations (co-authored publications) within its interface that enable the user to identify and evaluate collaborations at various levels (country/region, institution, person).

The International Collaborations indicator in InCites shows the number of publications that have been found with at least two different countries among the affiliations of the co-authors. The International Collaborations indicator can be applied to any level of aggregation (author, institution, national, journal or field).

InCites Indicator Handbook

Industry collaboration, innovation and development

Derwent Innovation is a searchable database providing access to full-text patents and published applications from America, Europe and Asia - as well as news, trade publication and scientific literature.

  • It enables you to identify key technologies, trends and competitors with robust analysis and visualization tools. It includes access to the Derwent world patent index (DWPI). 


Use collaborations & benchmarking metrics to:

  • demonstrate capacity to build collaborative research partnerships
  • provide evidence of interdisciplinary collaboration
  • demonstrate research capacity and productive research engagements and collaborations - internal & external
  • benchmark globally against other researchers and other institutions
  • provide evidence of engagement with industry, government or community

SciVal benchmarking module

SciVal's benchmarking module lets you evaluate your research performance in comparison to others. How does your institution compare to others in your region, country or the world.

You can use 27 different metrics to compare the performance of different types of entities, such as institutions, research teams and individual researchers.

Benchmarking with InCites

InCites analytics provides access to the people, organisations, regions, research areas, journals, books, conference proceedings and funding agencies that define the InCites dataset. Focus on one area at a time to understand the research activities at an institution.