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Browse our newspapers and magazines

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Newspapers are available in a variety of formats:

  • print
  • microform
  • electronic

We have physical copies of some current newspapers and magazines on level 2 of the Library near the new books. Older editions of these newspapers are stored in our Automated Retrieval Collection. 

Current and older editions include:

Using Factiva

Links in Factiva don't go directly to the title, but you can search within the paper you want by searching under 'Sources', or browsing by the first letter of your newspaper's title.

Factiva sources search screenshot

Once you have selected the newspaper you want, type your keywords into the search box to see articles from this paper. You can also limit your results to a certain time period.

Date drop-down menu

Fairfax off campus

Access The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) and The Australian Financial Review (AFR) electronically through Macquarie University Library. Access is available online as well as digitally (digital replica of the physical paper) including 6 months’ archival access to The Age and the SMH, and 3 years’ archival access to the AFR.

Off-campus access (log in with your OneId)

The Sydney Morning Herald

The Age

The Australian Financial Review

Key newspaper databases

To find newspaper articles on a particular subject, use one of the key Newspaper databases below. 

To search within a specific newspaper, choose one of the above tabs where the most popular newspapers are listed - Australian, UK, US and the rest of the world.