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Bibliographic Referencing Software

Are you Wrestling with References? Got an unwieldy thesis or article to submit? These reference management tools can help.

There's three main contenders for your consideration - EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero. Plus our WWR expert Librarians to help you give that reference list or bibliography a knockout punch.

If you're ready to rumble you'll find our WWR expert Librarians will be on hand to wrestle your references into submission every Tuesday and Thursday from 1st - 24th of May
Tuesday 1st May & Thursday 3rd May 10-11am 2-3pm 4-5pm
Tuesday 8th May & Thursday 10th May 10-11am 2-3pm 4-5pm
Tuesday 15th May & Thursday 17th May 10-11am 2-3pm 4-5pm
Tuesday 22nd May &Thursday 24th May 10-11am 2-3pm 4-5pm
What reference software do you use?
EndNote: 46 votes (44.66%)
Mendeley: 3 votes (2.91%)
Zotero: 4 votes (3.88%)
Other: 2 votes (1.94%)
I do it manually: 48 votes (46.6%)
Total Votes: 103