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University Library, Archives and Collections

University Librarian's portfolio, including the Library, the University Art Gallery and Archives and Records Management.

A message from JoAnne Sparks, University Librarian


The roles of libraries, galleries, museums and archives have increasingly converged through the digital age, and Macquarie University recognises this through the University Library, Archives and Collections group.  

The group comprises the University Library, the University Art Gallery, and Archives & Records Management. 

JoAnne Sparks, University Librarian


t: 02 9850 7546



    Senior Staff

    Fiona Burton, Associate University Librarian, Collections, Discovery & Technology Services
    e:  t: 029850 7556

    Susan Vickery, Associate University Librarian, Information Access & Advisory Services
    e:  t: 02 9859 4387 

    Jennifer Bremner, Manager, Library Planning & Administrative Services 
    e:  t: 02 9850 7549

    Sylvie Saab, Executive Information Policy Officer
    e:  t: 02 9850 6592

    Rhonda Davis, Senior Curator, Macquarie University Art Gallery
    e:  t: 02 9850 7437

    Lachlan Morgan, Manager, Records & Archives
    e:  t: 9850 7362

    Alex Zionzee, Digital Information Manager
    e:  t: 9850 7367

    University Library

    Macquarie University LibraryThe University Library includes facilities and services both physical and online. The library is the most striking building on campus and accommodates as many as 15,000 physical visits a day, plus many more online.

    Additionally, the library covers scholarly publications - subscriptions, databases, books (electronic and print) - as well as license agreements, open access, support for Macquarie authors, and discovery tools such as MultiSearch.

    The University's Learning Skills unit is part of the library, offering support to students for various literacies (academic, digital, information).

    The library also employs the University's Copyright Officer.

    Macquarie University Art Gallery

    University Art GalleryMacquarie University Art Gallery is located in E11A with Rhonda Davis, Senior Curator and Leonard Janiszewski, Curator.

    The Art Gallery offers regular exhibitions that contribute to our broader understanding of Australian art in relation to our contemporary society and our sociopolitical and cultural histories on an international scale. The Art Gallery also maintains the Macquarie University Art Collection which has been developed over 50 years and is an important part of Australia’s national cultural heritage.

    Archives and Records Management

    Archives and Records Management (formerly Macquarie Memory) has two arms, the Digital Information team including managing and developing Truth and other applications is led by Alex Zionzee, Digital Information Manager.

    The other arm is led by Lachlan Morgan, Records & Archives Manager, and his team is responsible for TRIM (records management system), student records, vital records, corporate records and historical archives containing documents and other materials.