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EndNote X9 for Mac

macOS Catalina - Important message for EndNote for Mac users

Apple has released a new Mac operating system, macOS Catalina. Catalina will only work with the newest version of EndNote which is X9.3. Older versions of EndNote (X7, X8, X9.2 etc) are 32 bit programs and Catalina will only support 64 bit programs. 

If you already have a version of EndNote X9 installed, and you plan to upgrade your MacOS to Catalina, you will need to update to EndNote X9.3 first, following the manual update instructions on the EndNote website.

If you have an earlier version of EndNote (i.e. X7 or X8) installed, you can install EndNote X9.3 from the download link in this guide.

For information on the EndNote X9.3 update please visit the help section on the website of Macquarie's EndNote service provider, Crandon.

What is EndNote?

Endnote X9 icon  EndNote is reference management software that you can use to—

  • Keep your references and related materials in a searchable personal library.
  • Synchronise your references between up to three of your personal devices: your computers(either PC or Mac), your online library, and your iPad, through EndNote sync.

  • Share your references with your cooperators through EndNote sync.

  • Use your references in word-processing documents to create formatted citations and reference lists or independent bibliographies.

Watch: What's new in EndNote X9

This is an EndNote Training production published on Jul 31, 2018. It is an overview of the new features in EndNote X9.‚Äč 

Conditions of Use

Before downloading EndNote, you must read the following Conditions of Use:

The EndNote software can only be used by current Macquarie University staff or students.

The software may be installed on University-owned computers and personally-owned computers, including home computers and laptops. The computer owner must be a current Macquarie University staff member or student. The use of the program must be for coursework, research or other work directly related to Macquarie University.

The software may only be used during the term of Macquarie University’s licence agreement.

If the University ceases the site license or if you leave Macquarie University, you must discontinue use of and uninstall all copies of the Software. No further product upgrades or technical support will be provided once the licence has ceased.

The software cannot be sold, lent, or transferred to anyone or electronic forum except eligible members of Macquarie University.

The software’s component parts may not be separated for use on more than one computer. The following is also prohibited: reverse engineering, de-compiling, translation, modification, distribution, broadcasting, dissemination, or creation of derivative works from the Software.