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EndNote X9 for PC

Saving and Using a connection file

Connection files allow you to search library catalogues and databases from within EndNote. The EndNote website includes a full list of connection files. Follow these steps to download and install connection files:

  1. Search and Download the connection file from EndNote Connection Files page.
  2. Double click the selected connection file to open in EndNote
  3. In EndNote, select File menu and choose Save As, remove the word "copy" from the end of the filename and click OK.
  4. Click on File menu and choose Close Connection.

Remember: most databases have a direct export function so that you can use their online interface to search for references. Connection files are often most useful to quickly locate a book reference from a library catalogue.

  1. Open your EndNote Library
  2. Click the Online Search Mode (the world icon). Do not click the Integrated Mode icon (the third image with world & books), as this will import all search results.
  3. You will be returned to your Search screen. Note that the Search box now says "Search Remote Library"
  4. Click on the more... link in the Groups panel on the left under Online Search
  5. Select the catalogue you wish to search, eg Macquarie_Multisearch, and click Choose
  6. Use the Search box to type in some terms, eg enter the author surname in the author box, and part of the title in the title box. Click Search
  7. A list of results that match will be displayed. Click on the reference you want so that it is highlighted in blue
  8. Click the Copy to Local Library icon or
  9. Right click on the references choose Copy References To > My EndNote Library.enl
  10. The reference will be copied into your Library
  11. When you have finished searching, click the Local Library icon to be returned to your Library.

Note: When you close EndNote all the temporary online search results that you haven't copied to your local library will be deleted.

FAQs about connection files

Q. What are some useful Library catalogues I can connect to?

A. We recommend: