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Poetry: Navigating the library

This guide will provide you with key search terms suggestions to use for finding information in MultiSearch.

You can also expect to find call numbers for finding books, and links to other related resources which will be useful for your assignments and research.

Search terms 

Specific terms Poetry; Poetic Techniques; American Poetry -- Appreciation; Poetry -- Authorship; Australian Poetry -- History and Criticism ; Lyric Poetry; Free Verse -- Analysis ; Rhythm -- Analysis ; Meter (Poetry) -- Analysis; English Language (Modern) ; Prosody ; Intonation ; Relationship to Syntactic Structure;
General terms Creative Writing -- Practice; Creative Writing -- Personal Narratives; Writers -- Interviews ; Discourse; Technique; Genres


For example, searches could couple a specific term with one of the useful general terms.  

"Poetic techniques" AND "discourse"

Note that the AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results. Using the inverted comma's around a phrase will give you more precise results. 

Call Numbers

Try browsing in the shelves around the areas which interest you, as it may lead to unexpected finds. 

Poetry PN1010-1525 
Theory, philosophy, relations, etc.  PN1031-1049 
Relations to, and treatment of, special subjects  PN1065-1085
History and criticism  PN1110-1279 
 Epic poetry  PN1301-1333 
Folk poetry PN1341-1347 
Lyric poetry PN1351-1389 
English poetry PR500-614
English poetry, by period PR521-614


Poetry books