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Search terms

These are some of the terms you can use in Multisearch to find journal and newspaper articles, books, etc.

English language, composition and exercises; Creative writing; Fiction, technique; Writing, authorship, fiction; English language, grammar, handbooks, manuals etc; 
General search terms rhetoric and composition; technique; creative process; production studies; pedagogical approach; fim theory and criticism; writing; narrative technique


For example, searches could couple a specific term with one of the useful generic terms.  

authorship AND "creative process"

fiction AND technique

Note that the AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results. Using the inverted comma's around a phrase will give you more precise results. 

Call numbers 

It's worthwhile browsing in the library shelves to find unexpected texts. 

Literature, criticism PN 80-99
Authorship PN101-245
Technique. Literary composition, etc PN172-239

Generating Ideas

Sometimes you may be asked to come up with your own research question to write about. It can be daunting to try and think of a topic that is original and interesting. Generating Ideas is a short module which will give you some good pointers to get you started with thinking creatively around a topic. Just log in to iLearn to get started.

Fiction and craft of writing books

Journal in Creative writing