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Library books


Browzine offers a magazine style experience and can isolate journals which specialise in gender studies. Use the link provided below. The remaining journal links are a sample selection from our collection. 

MultiSearch keywords

Consider using some of these terms for your searches in MultiSearch. 

A useful techinique is to take a generic term and use it with your subject specific one. For instance:

"Margaret Atwood" AND "gender bias"

More general searches could be structured in this way:

"gender studies" AND poetry

gender studies feminism
gender identity sex role
masculinities postfeminism
identity women's studies
critical theory social influences
social change gender bias
analysis stereotypes
treatment of sexuality authorship 
feminist approach literarature
social change  literary creativity
fiction poetry
folk narrative attitudes

The following call marks will help with locating books in the library related to literature and gender. Browse in the general vicinity of these. You can also ask for guidance at the Information desk. 


PR 129 - 468, 990

PS 374

PN 56, 98, 241, 471

Reference books:

The Sage handbook of gender and psychology

Gender in philosophy and law 

The sociology of gender 

Routledge International handbook of race, class and gender