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Thinking about your topic

Breaking down the assignment topic

Take some time to make sure that you understand your assignment question.

It can be helpful to highlight the keywords in the question and to think about the wider concepts that are relevant to the topic. These keywords and concepts will help you search for information.

Sample question

 Discuss the way in which narrative conventions are used in 'Howl's Moving Castle'

pen and paper

Make a list of alternative words/concepts to search under:

Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3
Narrative Convention "Howl's Moving Castle"
Storytelling  Trope "Diana Wynne Jones"
Plot Method  

Tip: To find more information about an author, connect the name with a general term in MultiSearch. For instance:

"David Malouf" AND intertextuality

"David Malouf" AND technique

Using the AND in capitals letters will connect two concepts. Using inverted comma's around a phrase will also help with more specific results. 

Reading critically



Look at StudyWise in iLearn.

It has lots of information on Evaluating sources. 


Evaluating Information

The quality of the information you use in your assignment, as well as your understanding and interpretation of this information, is essential to your essay. Use this link to help you;

Databases for research

Consider the range of material you're using for research. Good databases will give you a wider perspective when  exploring an issue. Here are a couple of links, but you will find many more throughout this guide,