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Languages and Cultures (MCCALL)

About this Guide

Welcome to the Modern Language libguide at Macquarie.

This guide aims to help you make the most of the Library resources for your assignment and research in the studies of Asian and/or European languages.  The language menu on the left can guide you to access the appropriate scholarly resources that are available for Macquarie users.

Any questions - Ask a Librarian

You are welcome to contact your Research Librarians by email or phone if you need research assistance.

Key resources

Reference Resources 


E-books (by subject)

Selected Journals

News and Current Affairs


EUobserver - EUobserver is a not-for-profit, independent online newspaper established in Brussels in 2000. It values free thinking and plain speech and aims to support European democracy by giving people the information they need to hold the EU establishment to account.

EurActive - Specialising in EU policies, this is a pan-European media network. According to its editorial mission, it aims to provide independent, balanced, and unbiased information. News is clearly separated from opinion and commercially-sponsored content.


BBC News - One of the largest news gathering operations in the world, with forty international bureaux.

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Language font packs on Library computers

Use the Language Bar to select which language you want to type in:

  1. The Language Bar appears in the lower-right corner of the computer screen.

  2. Click on the 2-letter language abbreviation (e.g., EN for English), then select the language you want from the menu.