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History - Ancient



If you wish to find a specific book on the shelves use MultiSearch to find its location. MultiSearch will indicate whether the book is available to borrow, and the call number at which it is shelved. 

Some helpful areas to browse

BL2420 - BL2450 Ancient Egyptian religion & mythology
BS1 - BS2970 The Bible
CN1 - CN1100 Ancient Epigraphy
DF10 - DF289 Ancient Greek history
DG11 - DG365 Ancient Roman history
DS41 - DS66 History of Middle East. Ancient Orient. Near East
DS101 - DS151 Israel (Palestine). The Jews
DS153 - DS154.9 Jordan. Transjordan
DT43 - DT95 History of Ancient Egypt
PA3051 - PA4505  Greek literature
PJ1001 - PJ1989  Egyptology -- philology & literature
PJ2001 - PJ2199 Coptic - language & literature
PJ4501 - PJ5192 Hebrew - language & literature

But remember! Not all books are on the shelf, searching MultiSearch will find ebooks and books from the ARC as well.

In addition to the physical books visible on shelves, the library subscribes to many collections of electronic books. You can find these using MultiSearch. 

The following are good places to start looking for book reviews. Many of the journals listed also contain extensive review sections.

Theses and dissertations


Websites & online bibliographies