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Definition of Ethnography

"The aim of ethnography is to comprehend and portray the culture of a collective, or the activities that occur in a circumscribed setting from the point of view of an insider. Accordingly, ethnographers rely heavily on participation and observation as means of data collection. Doing ethnography requires a researcher to spend long periods of time observing, interviewing, and interacting with the people he or she studies. Ethnographers therefore measure periods of fieldwork in months and even years."

Barley, Stephen R. "ethnography." The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management. Cooper, Cary L. Blackwell Publishing.

"The systematic study and description of peoples, societies, and cultures."

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Call Number Subject Area
GN1-890 Anthropology
GN301-674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology
GT1-7070 Manners and Customs

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Ethnographic Research Support

"Ethnography involves the production of highly detailed accounts of how people in a social setting lead their lives, based on systematic and long-term observation of, and discussion with, those within the setting."

This is the definition of ethnography from Sage Research Methods Online, a Library database that focuses on supporting research methods. This resource provides case studies, reference books, videos, journal articles, and more, to help you understand ethnographic research in detail.