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Biological Sciences

Finding a book on a topic

There are a number of ways you can limit your search to Books only. Two of these methods are outlined below 1) using Resource type filter and 2) using a pre-search filter. 

  1. Resource type filter

Start by identifying the keywords (i.e. important words) that describe your topic and enter these into the search box.

In your search results you will often see a large number of records including a mix of journal articles, books and other types of material.

To limit your results to books use the options under Refine My Results on the left of the screen -

Select Books under Resource Type to limit your results to books.

Hint: sometimes you need to click Show Mo​​​​​​​re under Resource Type to see the full range of options

how to narrow down to books

  1. Pre-search filters

Another way to quickly limit your search results to books only is to use the pre-filter options.

Select Books from the All items drop-down menu and then run your search.


Interlibrary Loans

Postgraduate, MRes and HDR candidates are eligible for our  Interlibrary Loans Service. This service helps staff and students locate and request items not held by the library. These can include books, research reports or theses, as well as copies of journal articles, chapters from books or conference papers required for your research and teaching. Visit our website to place a request.

Find Theses in Multisearch

If you wish to find example of recent MQ PHD or MRes Theses follow the following steps:

1. Sign into Multisearch

2. In the Search Box next to "Books, Articles and More" enter "Thesis"

3. After the results have been returned, use the "Genre" filter on the left hand side, and select either Thesis  MRes or Thesis PHD

4. Use the Author/Contributor filter to select the Department that you are interested in. Click on the "Apply Filters" button

5. Use the "Sort by" filter to rearrange your results by "date newest" if you prefer

6. A particular thesis may be in hard copy or electronic form. If it is a physical item it will be kept in the ARC in the Library. You can make a request on the item and it will be retrieved for you. Please note that all theses must be consulted within the Library only.

7. If it is available in electronic form, click on the item you are interested in and follow the links to retrieve a pdf of the item you are looking for. Use the download button to retrieve the item, Please note that occasionally an item may not be available- this might be because it is being incorporated in an upcoming publication, has a patent pending or for a variety of other reasons. 

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