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'Access via Macquarie' Bookmarklet

What is a bookmarklet?

Bookmarklets are unobtrusive JavaScripts stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page.

When clicked, a bookmarklet performs one of a wide variety of operations, such as running a search query or extracting data from a table.

Why should I use the 'Access via Macquarie' bookmarklet?

Sometimes you will find a resource that the Library has access to, but you will be asked to subscribe and/or pay a fee to access the full text content.

This will happen when you are not recognised as a Macquarie University Library patron because you are:

  • not on a Macquarie University computer connected to our network

  • using a mobile device that is not on our network

  • using a resource that does not have automatic authentication

  • following a direct link via a publisher's email or RSS feed

  • searching standard Google Scholar not Google Scholar @MQ

This bookmarklet will re-direct the page you are currently trying to access through MQ Library's electronic resources gateway. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is no need to use the bookmarklet for Open Access resources.


How do I create the 'Access via Macquarie' bookmarklet?

When on a desktop PC the easiest way to create the bookmarklet is to click and drag the 'Access via Macquarie' button below, dragging it and dropping it onto your web browser's bookmark bar

Access via Macquarie


You can manually create a bookmarklet, this is most useful when using a device (eg. mobile):

  1. Copy the line of JavaScript:


  2. Create a Bookmark or Favourite

  3. Locate the bookmark and edit it

  4. In the "Name" field enter a suitable name

  5. In the "URL" field paste the copied JavaScript.

How do I use the 'Access via Macquarie' bookmarklet?

  1. Try to access a resource without using MultiSearch e.g. use an internet search, or a link to an article from an email alert (or RSS feed)

  2. Click the Bookmark or Favourite you created with the bookmarklet shortcut

  3. This will bring you to MQ Library's electronic resources access gateway. Enter your OneID 

  4. You should be taken back to the resource where you will now get full text access, as long as MQ Library has subscribed to this content.

  5. If you are accessing multiple resources on one site you will only need to sign in using your OneID once

  6. You will need to keep using the bookmarklet in order to get access to subscribed content.


The 'Access via Macquarie' bookmarklet does not work on all mobile devices or all subscriptions. Some publishers where there are known problems are:

  1. LexisNexis
  2. Factiva
  3. Westlaw
  4. HeinOnline

If there is no institutional subscription to this resource, you will receive this error message when using the bookmarklet:

Oops! It looks like you have attempted to view a page that has not been configured for access...

If the bookmarklet appears to not be working, or it is not providing access to the resource:

  1. Go to MultiSearch

  2. Sign in via your OneID

  3. Search for the resource to see if there is institutional access 

If you are still having trouble, contact us.


This bookmarklet and user instructions are adopted from the information made available via pages (now archived) prepared by Dr Russell Anderson from Monash School of Physics.