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Mind, Metaphysics and Meaning


For Philosophy databases, use the menu tab for 'Doing your Research'. 

Call numbers to find books in the library

We recommend browsing the shelf in the general area of the your subject interest. A good browse can throw up lots of ideas!

Call Number Subject area
B790-5802 Modern philosophy
BC60-99 General works 
B108-5802 Schools of philosophy 
BD143-237 Epistemology of knowledge 
BF309-499 Consciousness, cognition 
BF501 Motivation 
BF639 New thought, menticulture 
BF795 Temperament, character 
BL1-2790 Religion

Search terms to use in MultiSearch to find journal articles and other material

critical thinking; philosophy; self concept; reflection; thinking skills; tolerance; meaning in life; emotions; moral responsiblity; rational deliberation; metaphysics; religion; athiesm; belief; social justice; social control; gender studies; criminal justice; identity

Here are some useful general terms

philosophy, knowledge, thinking, reasoning, doctrine


You could  link your specific subject area with the term 'philosophy'. The 'AND' in the middle is capitalized to link the terms. 

An example for searching would be using the terms 

"moral responsibility" AND debate. 

"self concept" AND philosophy.

Use inverted comma's to link two words together as a phrase.



Key journals

Video: Philosophy of religion

Video courtesy of the "School of Life" on YouTube.