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Doing your Research

If you've come to this page, and you don't know quite how to 'do your research' - then jump back to the link above called 'Think, Write, Cite'. You should be using the 'think' area to get started. You should consider having a few lines of notes about what you want before you start doing your research.


StudyWISE provides online resources to solve specific assignment-related questions, or build research, reading, writing and other academic skills. 


Encyclopedias for Philosophy

The Stanford is the source preferred by the Department and the one that you should consult first and foremost.

Key databases for Philosophy

MultiSearch will give you good results. Use the tab on the left menu for more information. However, using a database can sometimes lead to more precise results, and familiarise you better with the Philosophy discipline. 

Video Streaming

The Library subscribes to a number of video streaming databases. This allows you to watch a range of content - documentaries, interviews, films, demonstrations - from your laptop, device or PC.

The guide below will help you find the material which is best for you.

Podcasts for Philosophy