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Audiology & Speech Pathology

Your assignment topic

Why are you being asked to write an assignment on this topic?

  • Is the assignment topic controversial?
  • Is the assignment topic complicated? What makes it complicated?
  • Are there opposing points of view about the topic?
Once you have a good understanding of what the assignment question is about, ask yourself:
  • What do you already know about the topic?
  • Are there parts of the topic that you need to learn about?
  • Do you need to understand the topic better before you can determine your own viewpoint?

Tip! You might think differently about your topic once you have started researching it – this is normal! If necessary, you can redefine your topic as you go.

Take some time to make sure that you understand your assignment question.

It can be helpful to highlight the keywords in the question and to think about the wider concepts that are relevant to the topic. These keywords and concepts will help you search for information.

Assignment question example:

Describe the benefits and limitations of using standardised assessments and criterion-referenced assessments for school-age, language impaired children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds


Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Concept 4

Concept 5

speech pathology

criterion referenced assessment

speech disorders

cultural diversity


speech therapy

standardised assessment

language disorders


school aged

speech language pathology

standardized assessment

language development disorders




evidence based

communication disorders




Find Material

Dictionaries and encyclopaedias are reference sources. You can find them using these reference research databases.


Example: You want to obtain the full-text article: O'Halloran, R. 2010. Life lessons from speech pathology. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation 17(1), pp.10-12.

  1. Go to MultiSearch​ 
  2. Search for the article. Use inverted commas to keep the title together i.e. "Life lessons from speech pathology"
  3. Link to the article, or find it in our print collection*.

* Distance Education students see Distance Education Service

Postgraduate and Higher Degree Research students can request items through the Interlibrary Loans service if not available  full-text through MultiSearch.

Example: Find the book titled Stuttering: an integrated approach to its nature and treatment.

Enter the title of the book within double quotes eg "Stuttering an integrated approach to its nature and treatment".

Use the filter, Refine My Results, in the left-hand panel and select Books.


Tip! You can search for books (both print and online) in MultiSearch.

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