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Cognitive Science

What impact is my research making?

Research impact is the influence or academic impact generated by a researcher's output. Economic, societal and cultural influence can also be considered as research impact.

Academic impact has many measures the most familiar being the h-index. 


Altmetrics —short for alternative metrics—is a measure of web-based scholarly interaction. It is a response to the impact of social networking on the research environment.

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How do I find my h-index?

3 main sources can be used to calculate a h-index.

Note: it is important to choose one source and not to combine citation counts from each of the sources.

Example of a h-index calculation:-

h-index = 10 means a person has 10 publications which have been cited at least 10 times

Note: when using h-index calculations include information of the source and date accessed e.g. h-index calculated using Web of Science on 12 August 2014


Find your h-index

Find your h-index at the three sources below. Click on each for instructions:-

Web of Science


Google Scholar