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Cognitive Science

How can researchers keep current?

Current awareness services assist you with keeping up-to-date with new publications, news and events in your subject area.

keeping up-to-date

Journal Alerts

Do you have several journals that are critical to your research? Set up journal alerts!

You will be sent an email with the TOC (Table of Contents) when a new issue is published.

 - To set up alerts for your favorite ejournal, go to: 

Saved Search Alerts

Do you want to set up alerts for your preferred databases? 

Saved search alerts allow you to save your search terms, then updates of your search will be automatically emailed to you.

Click on the databases below for specific Alerts instructions


Medline, Embase and PscINFO via OVID

Science Direct

Citation alerts

Do you have a key document or author? Citation alerts keep you up to date with who is citing a document or author.