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Career planning for Arts students

Skills an Arts degree gives you

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In today's digital information age and world of work, the skills developed through an Arts degree are in high demand. Employers need people who can deal with ambiguity and complexity, assess large volumes of data, understand its relevance and communicate this effectively to others. All strengths that your Arts degree is giving you and help to make you highly employable!

Transferable skills unique to an Arts degree:
  • Reseach skills: Arts grads know how to find information, and can distinguish between good, authoritative information and poor quality, unreliable information. 
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills: Arts students can think objectively, break ideas and issues down into their component parts and drill down to the root of problems while considering possible solutions. They can digest vast amounts of information and approach what they read critically.
  • Ability to communicate effectively: One of the most highly sought after skills in the job market and an area where arts students excel. Undergraduate arts students are taught to become skilled writers and presenters, able to articulate complicated ideas in a clear, concise and engaging manner. 
  • Interpersonal skills: Arts graduates make valuable employees and co-workers because they learn to be self-sufficient thinkers, as well as informed collaborators, able to work both independently and as part of a team. 
  • Creative thinking and problem solving: Undergraduate arts programs teach students to think ‘outside of the box’, and to look at the ‘big picture’. During their careers, arts graduates can apply their creativity to find new solutions to old problems, and to view challenges as opportunities or from a different angle.

Sources: "What to do with your arts degree" by Aziza Green and


Engage with the world

Try a keyword search on  Research -- Vocational guidance; Transfer of training; Career education; Life skills; Employability; Job hunting

Searching MultiSearch

To find books on employability skills try keyword searches, such as:

  • vocational guidance
  • resumes (employment)
  • applications for positions
  • cover letters
  • job hunting
  • graduate students (employment)

Go to Multisearch on the library homepage and enter your search terms:


When you have a list of results, look to the panel on the left. You can refine your results by ticking the boxes under Resource Type or Subject Keyword and other options. It will make your search more precise. 

You can also refine by date ....


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Industry specific skills

Track down information on skills for your desired industry. Here are some keyword searches you could try:

 Applications for positions; Vocational guidance; Career changes; Job hunting; Skills AND then add a word from the job sector you are targetting. For instance, "skills" AND 'radio'