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Career planning for Arts students

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Industries for Arts graduates


The skills you acquire from an Arts degree are highly transferable to a diverse range of careers, organisations and industries.

For example, human resources, media, creative arts, publishing, consulting, marketing, research, education, freelancing, policy, heritage, information management, people management, law and many roles in commercial business, public sector or community services.

In fact, from data provided through our Graduate Destination Surveys,  the majority of Macquarie's arts graduates since 2013 (70% - 76%) have gone on to work in the commercial sector. Public sector is another big employer, with 20% of our arts graduates finding a federal, state or local government role.


Six percent of arts graduates have gone on to work in a not for profit or charity organisation.

Employers seek passionate people so consider how you could combine your passions and interests with your Arts degree skills in a broader sense - it might open up new ways of thinking and opportunities for applying your Arts degree to explore.


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