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Career planning for Arts students

Law - transferable skills for diverse careers


You may be questioning if practicing law is for you. Or know you want to become a solicitor or barrister but with competition fierce for graduate roles, you’re keen to consider additional options but unsure what else you are qualified to do!

Either way, rest assured the skills you’re gaining through your law program are highly sought after by employers and transferable to a diverse array of career pursuits.

Focusing on the skills your law degree is enabling you to develop will help you shift your thinking and consider career options from a broader perspective.

  • research skills using a range of sources, including verbal questioning;
  • analytical and evaluation skills and the ability to interpret and explain complex information clearly;
  • reasoning and critical judgement skills;
  • the ability to formulate sound arguments;
  • lateral thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • the ability to write concisely;
  • confident and persuasive oral communication skills;
  • attention to detail and accuracy;
  • motivation and resilience;
  • commercial awareness.

These are closely aligned with the top 3 skills employers across all industry sectors consistently advise they seek in any graduate –

1) Communication & interpersonal skills

2) Passion/drive & commitment/attitude

3) Critical reasoning/analytical skills, lateral thinking and problem solving skills.

Consider your interests and how you could combine these with your law degree skills and other strengths to identify some different career ideas. Explore the links provided in 'career avenues for law graduates' box below to help get you started.


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