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Video Streaming

Using video streaming

What is the difference between video streaming and downloading?

Video streaming is similar to viewing pages on the internet:  a temporary file is downloaded to your computer or device enabling you to view the video. The advantage is that it is much faster than downloading.  The disadvantage is that sometimes the quality of the video is compromised and you will not be able to save a copy of the video. 

Downloading is much slower and you will normally not be able to view the video until the entire file has downloaded, which could be a considerable time for a full length documentary or film.  The advantage with downloading is that the video quality may be better and you will have a saved copy of the video for viewing at any time later on your computer or device. You cannot download and save videos from our providers.

Can I download a video streamed video to a computer or netbook?

No, but you can view the video on these devices.  Video streaming is the accepted method of viewing videos online at Macquarie because it is the only method permitted under the terms of the contracts between Macquarie and the video streaming vendors who have negotiated streaming rights with the video producers.

I'm an Alumni/community/associate borrower. Can I use the library's video streaming collection?

Yes, you can access most video streamed videos by visiting the library and logging on to our guest computers.

MQ Library video streaming services

What video streaming collections does MQ Library subscribe to?
We subscribe to several video streamed services. You can find them listed on our Video Streaming database page. Individual titles are also listed in the library catalogue - find them by title using MultiSearch

Can I suggest an video streamed video for the Library to buy?
Yes, we welcome your suggestions. Please use the links below to Suggest a Purchase or contact your Research Librarian to discuss it. This will be considered and we will advise you.


What do I do if an video streamed video I want to view doesn't play properly?

The main reasons a video doesn't play properly are:

  • Your computer settings may be incompatible with our system requirements.  Check that you have cookies enabled in your browser and empty your cache periodically. 

  • If you are off-campus, an organisational firewall may be preventing the video from playing.  Contact your organisation's IT staff for help.   

Who should I contact if I'm having trouble accessing a video streamed video?

Contact us via the link below and we'll be happy to help.