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When writing, you need to acknowledge all the materials you draw upon, quote, paraphrase or mention. Standardised referencing styles help you acknowledge your ideas and concepts used and readers can trace and verify your sources.

You should check your unit outline or consult with academic convenors or supervisors for the style required by your department. You may be penalised for not conforming to your course's requirements.

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Different referencing styles cater for the specific requirements of different disciplines. To learn more about the styles most commonly used at Macquarie University click on the link below to our main referencing guide:

Information ethics

Using the works or ideas of another person, whether intentionally or not, and presenting them as your own without clear acknowledgement of the source is called Plagiarism.

Macquarie University promotes awareness of information ethics. To enable a consistent, equitable and transparent approach to Academic Integrity amongst staff and students, MQ has compiled the Academic Integrity Policy.

The University tackles the issue of Academic honesty through use of an online Anti-plagiarism Software (Turnitin).

Penalties will apply if work is proven to have breached the Academic Integrity Policy.

Referencing Management Software

This software allows you to:

  • Create citation bibliographic records manually, or electronically from databases and library catalogues
  • Add personal notes, attachments and access citation styles and format types
  • Link to word processor documents to insert citations and construct bibliographies

Learn more on our Referencing software guide: