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Saved items

How to access MyFavourites -

Sign in to MultiSearch and use the pin icon  or select MyFavourites from the drop-down menu under your name to see your MyFavourites page.

If you are not signed in to MultiSearch then records and searches will be saved for the current session only.

Saved records -

To save individual records from your search results click on the Pin to MyFavourites icon  on the record you want to save. 

Once a record from your search results is pinned to MyFavourites, it will display with a light yellow background instead of a grey background.

To remove a record from MyFavourites, click on the Remove this item icon.

Viewing Saved Records - 

On your MyFavourites page, select the Saved Records tab to view, organise and label the records you have saved.

Add Labels allows you to add your own labels, viewable only by you, to organise your records. Select the record you want to add a label to, click the Add Labels pencil icon  and assign the label you want to use.

Labels you have created appear on the right-hand side of the screen. If you click on a label, all of the records with this label will display.

To remove a label, click on the pencil icon then X to delete.


Saving a search query - 

From your search results you can save a search by clicking on the Save Query button at the top of your results list . You need to be signed in to save a query. You will see a message to let you know that the search query was saved to your favourites.

Setting up search alerts - 

To receive an alert when new results are added to your search, select Turn on notification for this query, enter the email address you want the alert sent to and select Save. The search will be re-run weekly and any new results will be emailed to you.


Viewing saved searches - 
To view your Saved Searches click on the MyFavourites icon  and go to the Saved Searches tab.

Each search is saved under the search terms you used. 

From here you can add or remove alerts and unpin to remove searches. 



Search history - 

You can view the Search History of your current session by selecting the swirly clock icon. 

This will take you to the Search History tab of your MyFavourites page.



Journal Table of Contents services

 is an app that lets you read, browse and follow thousands of scholarly journals available through Macquarie University Library.

You can:

  • Browse journal titles by subject
  • Create a personal bookshelf of your favourite titles
  • Be alerted when a new issue of a journal is published
  • Save articles in your personal library and sync with DropBox, Zotero and other services.

Other TOC services...

Keep up with the literature

Keeping up to date in your subject area is an important element of academic work and study. There are a variety of tools you can use to do this.

You can set up alerts in many databases (and in Google Scholar) to receive different types of notifications including

  • Search alerts - when new articles are published that match your search terms
  • Citation alerts - when an article you are interested in is cited by another work
  • Author alerts - when an author you are interested publishes something new

When searching in library databases look for features like 'Journal Tracking' in JSTOR and 'Create alert' in Google Scholar to set up and save alerts.