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International Relations

Research Methodology

Choosing an appropriate research methodology can be overwhelming given the existing and emerging methodologies available. Sage Research Methods is a useful resource to help you navigate this tricky landscape and identify the best methodology for your research. The Methods Map, in particular, is a great visual tool that demonstrates the connection between various methodologies and how they fit together.

Measuring research impact

Research impact, also called academic impact, aims to measure the productivity and influence of a researcher. Whilst we probably all agree that this is not perfect, these measures can still be useful. Economic, societal, and cultural influence can also be considered as research impact. 

Research impact has many measures, the most familiar is known as the h-index. The top three databases for finding either your own h-index, or that of another author are:

Web of Science


Google Scholar

Have a look at our Tracking your Research guide for more info on research impact.


Altmetrics is short for alternative metrics, and is a measure of web-based scholarly interaction. It is a response to the impact of social networking on the research environment. Install a free Altmetrics bookmarklet to instantly get article level metrics.

Have a look at our Altmetrics guide for more information.