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Export citations directly from online databases

Although Mendeley provides the web importer, you can also directly export selected references into your Mendeley Desktop Library from most databases.

How to directly export varies from database to database but typically you would conduct a search, select the records you wish to export and follow to prompts. Depending on the database you can directly export single records or select and export multiple records into your Mendeley Library.

To select and export multiple records:

  • go to your 'Selected items' and then select the option to directly export to Mendeley. They may be in a 'Marked Items' section or a temporary folder.
  • follow the prompts on your browser to export the records into Mendeley. Choose RIS format files if Mendeley is not mentioned specifically.
  • open the file. You may need to tell your computer to use the Mendeley Desktop program the first time you do it.
  • the records will now appear in the 'Recently Added' folder of your Mendeley Library. It's a good idea to check your references for any errors and edit if necessary.

Direct import for Scopus

Mendeley has partnered with Scopus to make importing articles into your Library even faster. You don’t even need to install the web importer bookmarklet for this database. In Scopus click ‘Export’ to see the ‘Save to Mendeley’ option so you can add the article to your Library with only a couple of clicks.

scopus export screenshot