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Before you start

Make sure that you have selected the referencing style you want to use in the toolbar in Word. You will be able to change this at any time, but it is easier to tell if your citations are correct if you are familiar with the style.

Mendeley toolbar in Word screenshot

Now follow the instructions below to insert your citations. This method will work for any style you choose, whether author-date or footnote. For more information on referencing styles please see our Referencing guide.

Insert in-text citations

1. Open your document in Word and ensure you can see the Mendeley tools under the References tab. Place your cursor where you want the in-text citation to appear, and add a space.

2. Click the 'Insert Citation' button. A toolbar will pop up.

insert citation toolbar screenshot

3. From here you can search for the reference(s) you want to insert and click 'OK', or click 'Go to Mendeley' to be taken to your Desktop program. If you click this button you will be able to select a reference from your library and press the 'Cite' button, which temporarily appears at the top of the screen, to add your citation.

temporary cite button screenshot

Tips & Tricks

tips logo

Tip: You can add more than one reference after a sentence by searching for additional references in the pop-up bar or selecting multiple references after clicking 'Go to Mendeley'. 

The references will be combined correctly according to the style chosen, eg for APA they are separated by a semi-colon.

combined references screenshot