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Finalising your document by converting to plain text

Finalise your document by stripping it of Mendeley code by using the 'Export as' function.

1. Save your document in Word as usual, using File > Save.

2. In Word select the 'Export as' dropdown menu on the Mendeley toolbar.

3. Then select 'Without Mendeley Fields'.

export without mendeley fields screenshot

4. Save this new version of your document with a new name. 

Note: you can make any editing changes to any citation in this new document. It is not connected to your Mendeley library.

Tips & Tricks

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Why should I convert to plain text?

To prevent anyone from messing with your Mendeley code. Mendeley embeds code into your Word document. Converting to plain text will strip your document of the Mendeley code. It won't become a txt or Notepad file, it is still a .doc or .docx Word document, but with the background Mendeley code removed.

When should I convert to plain text?

Before you submit it to a journal or to your supervisor.  That way, your new copy of your Word document will retain all the citations and the bibliography, but will no longer be connected to your Mendeley library or have code embedded within it.