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Choosing journal abbreviations

To choose an abbreviated journal title:

1. Click View > Citation Styles > Journal Abbreviations...

journal abbreviations menu screenshot

2. Select the journal title and choose the option under Cite using:. You can filter journal titles by Only Publications in My Library or look through the Entire List

journal abbreviations list screenshot

3. Click Done. Your choice will be set for that journal, when using a citation style that allows abbreviations.

Edit citation style to choose journal title format

1. Click on View > Citation Style > More Styles...

2. Right click on the style you would like to edit, and click Edit Style

edit citation style screenshot

3. This will open the Visual CSL Editor in a web page in your browser. You may need to login to your Mendeley account if you are not already logged into Mendeley Web. Make sure to change the name of this style to something else by choosing 'Save Style As' under the Style dropdown on the top left-hand side of the screen. This is so you won't lose the original style.

save style as screenshot

4. To change the way a journal title is displayed, click on the journal title in the Example Bibliography

5. Choose from the 'form' dropdown to have the title show as short or long

edit journal form screenshot


6. Use the Style dropdown to save your changes. Make sure to select your newly created citation style when using Mendeley in Word in order for your changes to show up.

See the Modify a Mendeley citation style page for more information about modifying citation styles.

What are journal abbreviations?

Journal title abbreviation lists are used to maintain the consistency and accuracy of  journal titles in a Mendeley library. Abbreviated titles are often required for styles such as Vancouver.

For example:
Rockwood K, Graham JE, Fay S. Goal setting and attainment in Alzheimer's disease patients treated with donepezil. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry [Internet]. 2002 [cited 2009 Mar 7];73(5):500-7.

The full title is Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

Mendeley contains a default which contains standard journal title abbreviations.  Additional lists can be be added to Mendeley when required. Another source of journal title abbreviations are databases which include standard journal title abbreviations in their citations.

When would I want to use journal abbreviations?

  • When your referencing style requires abbreviated journal names in your bibliography.

  • When you import references from a database where the titles have appeared in abbreviated form, and your referencing style requires the full journal title.

Where can I get journal abbreviations?

Mendeley comes with a range of journal abbreviations inbuilt.

They are located in your Program Files>Mendeley Dektop>publicationAbbreviations folder.

You can add more options by navigating to View > Citation Style > Journal Abbreviations and then choosing New List... from the Cite using: dropdown menu. Click in the empty field and type your alternative abbreviation.

Then follow the instructions in the Choosing journal abbreviations box, but choose New List... for the selected journal, to apply those changes.

new list screenshot