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3D Model Sources and Ideas

Not sure where to start with 3D printing? You can find and use ready-made 3D Models from the following FREE repositories. But remember to check copyright (or Creative Commons) permission as Copyright laws apply to 3D models as well. 

Option 1: Existing 3D models

3D Modelling Software

Option 2: Design your own 3D Models

Create your own 3D model designs (in .STL or .OBJ format) using the following 3D modelling software. For beginners, we suggest starting with TinkerCAD, a free and web-based tool that allows you to import vector graphics and turn them into 3D models.

3D Scanning

Option 3: 3D Scanning

LinkedIn Learning MakerBot course

Makerbot course screenshot

Visit our LinkedIn Learning guide if you need help accessing your Macquarie University Library membership, or using the functionality available.