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Makerbot Print (Software) - Getting started

Here is a step by step guide to using Makerbot by Makerbot Industries. Just click on the links below:

(.gif sourced from Makerbot  2009-2018, Quick Print Guide for Makerbot Print)

Makerbot Software (on desktop)

Model View - enables the user to prepare and arrange their 3D models 
Print Preview - slices the 3D model into layers 
Model Info - change the units the model is measured in 
Print Settings - set print settings (see Print Settings below) 
Arrange - if multiple objects on build plate, select Arrange build plate to move objects to most optimal placement 
Orientation - rotate object or select place face on plate 
Scale - change size of the object
For more information and tips, visit the Using MakerBot Print page. 


Mouse and Keyboard Controls

Use the following shortcuts to manoeuvre your way around the Makerbot Print software on screen to ensure your 3D model is how you want it to print out.

Mouse controls in the viewer:

Rotate right-mouse-button
Zoom scroll

middle-mouse-button OR 

shift + right-mouse-button 

Move model left-mouse-button

Keyboard shortcuts for the viewer:

Other shortcuts:

(Source: Makerbot)