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O'Reilly Online Learning

Helpful features for students

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O'Reilly Online Learning allows students to supplement their education and learn helpful skills at their own pace.

There are several features on O'Reilly Online Learning that can particularly benefit students including:

  • Highlights and notes for keeping track of your thoughts as you read, watch, and learn, and help you share with others.
  • Playlists to keep your content organised, no matter the format, and to customize your learning.
  • Learning Paths to pick up new skills, practice with real-world examples, and test your progress along the way.

Range of content formats

Browse your way through thousands of:

And filter by:

  • Trending 
  • Popular
  • Recently added

to find the best content for you.

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Highlights and notes

While reading a book online on the O'Reilly Online Learning platform you can highlight important sections of content and add your own notes to enhance your learning.

To see your highlights and notes, click on Highlights from the 'Your O´Reilly' menu on the Home Page. 

Here you can:

1) View a list of the books where you have added highlights and notes.
2) Click the text to go to the highlighted part of the book.
2) Edit and share highlights and notes.
3) Export your highlights and notes to a spreadsheet, which includes links to the text.

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Learning Paths

Learning Paths are curated collections of videos, readings and activities to take you through the process of learning a new skill. 

There are 350+ Learning Paths on the O'Reilly platform -  and now the most popular learning paths include self assessments, so you can keep track of your learning as you go.

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View the collection of Learning Paths on the home page of the O'Reilly Online Learning platform.

Helpful features for staff

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O'Reilly Online Learning allows staff to undertake professional development at their own pace and skill level, or supplement their teaching practices and engage students in new ways.

 There are several features on LinkedIn Learning that can particularly benefit staff including:

  • Playlists which can be assigned to students as reading lists, or as a flipped-classroom-style approach.
  • Learning Paths for professional development - learn a new skill or brush up on familiar material to keep you up-to-date.
  • Case Studies to use as real-world teaching examples.


Searching for content on O'Reilly is easy.

1. Start your search by choosing a filter from the dropdown menu, and typing in a title, author, or publisher, or simply type in a keyword and leave the filter on 'All'.

2. On the results page you can sort by formats, topics, publishers, rating and relevance.

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See the link below for more tips and tricks!


You can add O'Reilly content, such as books, videos, chapters, clips etc., to Playlists easily.

Just click the button screenshot button next to any item.

Use Playlists to make a reading list, organise your favourite videos, or build your own skills. You can also view and share Playlists created by other users and O'Reilly Experts.

To follow a shared Playlist, just click on 'Follow Playlist' when you’re on the page for the playlist you’d like to follow. These will appear on your Playlists page, and you can easily unfollow a Playlist at any time. 

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 See the link below for further instructions. 


There is a direct link to upcoming O'Reilly Technology conferences from the home screen, just click 'Attend' and then 'Conferences' to get more information.

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