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Ancient History

Ancient Numismatics

Here are some locations for physical books which reflect this area of research. 

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CJ35-CJ36                  Numismatic--Coins--Collected works

CJ201-CJ277              Numismatic--Coins--Ancient

CJ301-CJ763              Coins--Ancient--Greek

CJ801-CJ1147            Coins--Ancient--Rome

CJ1201-CJ1291          Coins--Ancient--Byzantine

CJ5581-CJ5690          Ancient medals and medallions

HC31-HC39                 Ancient economic history and conditions

HG237                         Money--Ancient--History

HG1336                       Money--Egypt--History

Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies (ACANS)

Student resources:

An introduction to ancient numismatics - an invaluable source for the study of Greek and Roman coins.

Ancient coins collections for research and teaching:

  • ACANS collection
  • Gale collection
  • Hansen collection


  • The Coinage of Ephesus
  • The Coinage of Julius Caesar

Other teaching, learning and research collections:

All books and journals held in ACANS are catalogued and searchable in MultiSearch.