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Legal Journals

Journal articles provide analysis and opinion and can be useful for supporting your research of the primary materials.

They can also be a good source for up-to-date commentary on legal issues. Often relevant legislation and cases will also be cited. There may be cross over of jurisdictions, so the international databases may also contain relevant Australian issues. View the Commentary databases for information about Australian legal journals.

Note: Use the International Law databases for more links to legal journal databases.

International law commentary resources

International law reference resources

Use MultiSearch to search for reference sources in the library.

  1. Go to Advanced Search
  2. Select "any" in the first drop down box to search for handbook OR dictionary OR encyclopedia
  3. Select "in subject" in the second box to search for broad terms like law or laws or legal

Tip: You can also type all or part of the title of a resource if you know it - eg Halsburys Laws

Examples of online international law resources

Examples of hard-copy international law reference resources