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International law reference resources

Use MultiSearch to search for reference sources in the library.

  1. Go to Advanced Search
  2. Select "any" in the first drop down box to search for handbook OR dictionary OR encyclopedia
  3. Select "in subject" in the second box to search for broad terms like law or laws or legal

Tip: You can also type all or part of the title of a resource if you know it - eg Halsburys Laws

Examples of online international law resources

Examples of hard-copy international law reference resources

International law resources

The table below is a quick reference guide for finding different types of (non-Australian) legal resources online. Use the Fundamentals of Legal Research tab to find Australian legal resources.

Type of information Where to access
Case Law - Published Law Reports
Case Law - Unreported Judgments
Case Law - Digests/Citators
Legislation - full-text
Legislation - Annotators
Journal articles


Publishers help guides

Most databases include a help menu that will contain search tips. It is important to check the Help before using a new database for the first time - it will save you time in the long run!

The list below includes links to online tutorials and help guides.