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Confidentialised Unit Record File (CURF), TableBuilder & HILDA

About HILDA?

HILDA is Australia's first nationally representative household-based panel survey. The first wave of HILDA was conducted in 2001 and funding has been guaranteed for sixteen waves. Annual interviews are conducted with the adult members of each household and panel members are followed over time. 

HILDA is designed to collect data in three main areas:

  • economic and subjective well-being
  • labour market dynamics
  • family dynamics

Topics covered in these areas include education, current employment and employment history, job search experience, income, health and well-being, child care, housing, family background, marital history and family formation for those aged 15 years and over. Academic researchers can access the General Release datasets for their research.

There are two versions of the HILDA data available:

  • The General Release means a release of data from which more sensitive information such as names, addresses (including postcodes) and date of birth have been removed and some other information has been modified by various methods such as top coding and the application of classification codes at a more general level.
  • The Restricted Release means a release of data from which the names and addresses have been removed but some information such as postcodes, date of birth and other data are provided at a more detailed level than the General Release datasets. Because of this, access arrangements to Restricted Release data are more rigorous than for General Release data.


More information can be found on the HILDA Dataverse website.

How to apply for HILDA

Who can access:

Only current Macquarie University staff and postgraduate research students


Requesting HILDA Survey Data

To apply for the latest Release of the HILDA Survey data simply follow these steps:

HILDA contact officers

Sean Bullock



HILDA publications