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Need more help accessing your ebook?

When an ebook cannot be accessed or downloaded, it may be because:

  • All 'copies' of the book are currently being used. Once a user exits the book, a 'copy' is available again. 
  • The ebook has reached its annual limit for the number of loans. This allowance will refresh once a year.
  • The publisher allows reading online but not downloading.
  • Full download has been disabled to shorten waiting times for accessing the book. Reading online and PDF downloads are still availalbe.
  • Access is only available to students and staff of Macquarie University, even while on campus. (You will be required to login using your OneID)

For more specific information about accessing ebooks on Proquest Ebook Central and EBSCOhost eBook Collection, please click on the links below:

Please ensure you close the tab when you finish using an ebook.

This frees up the ebook for other users.

Tips for accessing ProQuest Ebook Central ebooks

If a library-owned ProQuest ebook cannot be downloaded or read online, it might be that:

Full Download is disabled

If an ebook is currently in high-demand, full downloading for off-line reading can be disabled to reduce waiting times for ebook access. Reading online and Chapter/Section PDF downloads are still allowed, and new users can access the book as soon as the current user closes their session.

When 'Full download' has been disabled, the 'Full download' icon will be faded. Here are examples of the messages that will appear:


All copies are 'on loan'

Some ebooks limit the number of simultaneous users (e.g. a 3 User ebook allows 3 individual users to be accessing the book, either as a full download or read online, at any given time. If the library holds two 3 User licences of this ebook, then 6 users can access the ebook simultaneously). For ebooks that have reached their limit of active users, once a user has closed their session, a new user will be able to access it. This is the message that will appear:

For some books, even when all 'copies' are 'on loan', you can still read the book for 5 minutes, after which you will be prompted to fill in a request form (The same message appears for titles that we don't currently own). In this case, you will see the following message:

When you fill in the request form, we will be notified that you have been 'turned-away' from this ebook. Please remember to include details of the unit or course that has prompted your request. 


The ebook has reached it's annual limit

Some titles allow a set number of uses per year. Once a year this allowance is 'refreshed'. 


For more information on using ProQuest ebooks, please click on the link below:

Tips for accessing EBSCOhost eBook Collection ebooks

If an EBSCOhost ebook cannot be downloaded or read online, it might be that:

All copies are on 'loan'

There is a limit to the number of simultaneous users (e.g. a 3 User ebook allows 3 individual users to be accessing the book at any given time). You will see this message appear:

Once a user has finished their session/loan, you will be able to access this book.


The ebook has reached it's annual limit

Some titles allow a certain number of uses per year. Once a year this allowance will be 'refreshed'.


For more information on using EBSCOhost ebooks, please click on the link below: