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What are ebooks?

An ebook is a book in digital format that consists of text, images or both. Some ebooks may also contain interactive content. They can be read online on a wide variety of  compatible computers or mobile devices anywhere or anytime.

Benefits of ebooks include:

  • Access anytime and anywhere.
  • Saves paper and space.

Finding ebooks in MultiSearch

1.Enter your keywords for your topic in MultiSearch. Click the search icon.

2.When your results display go to the "Refine my results" menu on the left to scroll down to "Genre" and select "Electronic books".

3.Next select 

4.Here you will find ebooks from your search.

Alternatively ebooks can be found in MultiSearch by filtering the search to "Databases", and then selecting "electronic books service".

This will provide a list of all ebook databases in our collection. You can search for ebooks directly within these databases.

What are etextbooks?

Etextbooks are textbooks in digital format and can vary from a basic form of screen-rendered copies of print textbooks with static text and no interactive learning; for example a pdf version of print texts. There are more complex etextbooks which include enhanced interactive learning activities and online assessment such as quizzes.

Interactive etextbooks

  • Provide enhanced interactive learning activities and online assessments such as quizzes.
  • Allow flexible delivery of materials such as part of a book directly from iLearn.
  • Students and staff can interact with text such as highlight, bookmark and rearrange text.