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EndNote X9 for Mac

Setting Preferences

You can save time by setting your Preferences for different functions including:

  • Display Fields - choose which fields display in your reference list panel
  • Find Full Text - use this feature to search for the full text of items in your library
  • PDF Handling - set up an automatic renaming process for imported PDFs
  • Reference Types - set your default reference type (eg Book or Journal article) when you manually add a reference
  • Sync - set your sync preferences if you use EndNote Online

To open the Preferences menu go to  EndNote X9 > Preferences (from the menu at the top of your screen) or use the Command  ⌘ and

FAQs about storage preference

FAQsQ: When I insert a citation to my Word, I receive this message: "This library is currently being used by someone else. Please try again later."   

A: This is because your library is saved in your iCloud account.  

You can check if your system is set to use the iCloud for the Desktop and Documents folder: 

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your Mac's screen. 

  • Select System Preferences... from the dropdown menu. 

  • Click on iCloud in the Preferences window. 

  • Click on Options next to iCloud Drive. 

  • See if the box next to Desktop & Documents Folders is checked. 

  • If that option is checked and your library is in either of those locations or a subfolder of them, that can cause this to occur.