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Geography & Planning

Your value to the workforce

The skills you acquire from an Arts degree are highly transferable to a diverse range of careers, organisations and industries.


MQ Library

Deciding what you'll do after University requires planning and preparation.

How Can the Library Help?

*Find books and information on managing your career *Find company and industry information for job applications and interviews *Find news and current information  *Advice on managing your social media profile

Steps towards your future

These databases provide information you can use to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry or company in your application or interview. They can help you understand the context (e.g. competitors and challenges faced by the company) and gain an understanding of a company’s operations and senior employees.

It's important to keep up to date with news and developments in your field. The following databases allow you to search across multiple news sources quickly and access local, national and international news.

Social media can be used to research and connect with employers and to showcase your skills and research interests.

Professional Networking

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to connect with other professionals, showcase your experience, skills and achievements, follow companies and search for jobs. 

Twitter is an excellent source of industry news. You can follow companies and search for jobs and connect with your peers to build your personal network.

Top Tips for using LinkedIn and Social Media to enhance graduate employability.

Your Digital Footprint Matters - it's important to manage your digital identity. Find out more here:

Transfer your skills into the workplace

These are some of the skills you've engaged with at Macquarie University. It's worthwhile emphasizing them in your resume or job interview. We've drawn most of this information from our StudyWise module which helps students engage with these ideas. 

Career Support @ Macquarie

Find credible resources for each phase of your career journey.

Books on career planning