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MultiSearch Possible Search Terms

Using a variety of search terms will greatly enhance your research. Try combining some of these terms in MultiSearch with AND, e.g. ethics AND "dark tourism".

These are only a few suggestions. Keep a note of any additional terms you come across and try searching with them in MultiSearch; 

"resource management" ecology humanities
indigenous ethics "environmental justice"
environment "aboriginal heritage" "social responsibility"
"dark tourism" "environmental decision making" tourism
interdependence heritage sustainability
identity "social justice" "heritage sites"

Top tip: use quotation marks to search for phrases - this will keep the words together when searching!

Browsing for Books

Browsing the Library shelves can be a very effective way of finding relevant resources. Try browsing around the call numbers below to find interesting titles to extend your research.

Call Number Subject Area
CC1-960 Archaeology (including Preservation, Restoration, and Conservation of Antiquities)
G149-180 Travel, Voyages, Tourism
GF1-900 Human Ecology. Anthropogeography (including Human Influences on the Environment)
HT51-395 Communities. Classes. Races (including Human Settlements, City Planning, Recreation, City Promotion)

VR Experiences

Immerse yourself in a heritage location with VR technology. Try these experiences to bring the spaces to life;

Available in the Library's VRoom;

Free 360 degree virtual tours you can experience your PC or mobile browsers;

VR apps for Smartphones (for use with VR phone headsets);

Visit the VRoom Subject Guide for more information about access and booking the VR space.

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