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International legal systems

Each jurisdiction's legal system will be structured differently - it is important to understand the source of primary law in a jurisdiction before you start your research.

Provides introductions to the legal systems of many countries. It also provides links to official agencies and (often) English translations of primary documents.

JuriGlobe world legal systems
Provides an overview of legal systems and official languages worldwide and a visual educational tool for comparative and international law. The main areas of focus are: Civil law, Common law, Customary law, Muslim law, and countries with a mixed system.

WashLaw Web
Provides links to US and international legal information, arranged by subject.

Provides UK and international legal information, arranged by jurisdiction and topic.

Yale country by country guide to legal research 
A country-by-country guide on legal research which links to research guides and databases for each country except the United States.


Use the following resources to help locate the constitutions of countries world wide:

Access to the world’s constitutions with the ability to browse by country or topic.

This database aims to contain the current constitution of each country in the world in its original language and an English translation. Also included are related laws, articles and commentary, and a bibliography of relevant texts.


The Association provides a forum for constitutionalists from around the world to understand each other’s systems and share knowledge and opinions.

A national body of constitutional law scholars affiliated to the IACL with the purpose of promoting the advancement of knowledge relating to United Kingdom constitutional law. 

The network aims to facilitate and encourage an interest in the idea of European Constitutionalism.

Key Legal Databases

Full text access to case law, statutes, adminstrative materials, annotated reports, law reviews, current affairs from Hong Kong, the US, the UK, Canada & the EU.

Full text access to case law, statutes, journal, digests, and current awareness from the UK.

Full text primary and secondary legal materials in all areas of law. The main focus is US law, however there is also substantial coverage for other jurisdictions.

Full text legal journals, reviews, books, cases and statutes predominantly from the US. Includes World Constitutions Illustrated.

A gateway to legislation, cases, treaties, journals and other material from multiple international jurisdictions.

A multi-jurisdictional citator and legal reference search engine covering UK, European and international legal information. It covers cases, legislation and articles.

Full text online legal library of UK, European Union and international case law and legislation.

Find these and more at Law Research databases: