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Leganto Reading Lists for Students


Q. Will my unit readings still be available in iLearn?

A. No, the Leganto platform will now house your readings. There will be a 'Unit Readings - Leganto' block embedded in the right-hand side of your iLearn unit which will take you through to the Leganto site. 


Q. Can I still access my readings through MultiSearch?

A. The 'Unit Readings' option will still be available in MultiSearch (see the box below) and some of the readings will be in the results list. Remember though that this list is not organised by week. Your Leganto reading list will contain ALL of the readings and be organised so that you can keep on track with your readings, week by week.


Q. Can I use Leganto on a mobile device?

A. Yes, you can access your reading lists on your phone or tablet. 


Q. I have logged into Leganto directly but I cannot see my unit on the homepage. What do I do now?

A. If this is the first time you are accessing a unit reading list, you need to do this from the 'Unit Readings - Leganto' block/link in your iLearn unit. Accessing Leganto from iLearn is how the system authenticates you as an enrolled student in that unit. For any issues please contact the Library. 


Q. I clicked on the Leganto Link on my iLearn page and received the error message “Response code: 400 failed OAuth check”. Why?

A. We are currently experiencing an issue with the Microsoft Edge browser (v41). Users are encountering the error message above when they access Leganto using the link in their iLearn page. Please try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox and contact the Library if the issues persist.


Q. I am trying to access Leganto but am receiving an "Oops..." error message. What am I doing wrong?

A. You must first use the ‘Unit Readings – Leganto’ link or block in iLearn to access your reading list. You will need to do this for every unit you are enrolled in. If you try using a different link to access your reading list, you will encounter the following message: “Oops… We are sorry, but it appears that you are not enrolled in this unit or that the list may have been deleted. Ensure that you have visited your reading list through the 'Unit Readings - Leganto' block in your iLearn unit page at least once to be recognised as a student enrolled in this unit.” Contact the Library if you have any questions.  


Q. When I click on an journal article or ebook record in my Leganto reading list, why do I see multiple links to the resource?

A. Sometimes a journal article may be held in a few different Library databases and therefore all the available sources are linked to in Leganto. It doesn't matter which one you click on, you will be taken through to the correct article. For ebook chapters, there may be two links listed; one is for the ebook as a whole, and one is for the specific chapter.


Q. I still have questions about Leganto. Who can I contact to ask?

A. The Library is always here to help you through any issues. Simply contact us using the details on the right-hand side of this page and someone will be happy to help you.

Accessing Your Unit Readings through MultiSearch

You can still access some of your unit readings by searching for your unit code in MultiSearch. In MultiSearch, select Unit Readings from the drop-down menu, then search using the unit code.

Unit Readings in MultiSearch

The unit readings that are owned by the Library will display in the results. Other readings will only be available in Leganto. You can access Leganto from the link in the first record but ensure that you have first registered as a student in this unit by clicking on the 'Unit Readings - Leganto' link in your iLearn unit page. 

Help in Leganto

Check out the Guide for Students in your Useful Links for tips on how to access and use your lists;

Guide for students link

Ask a Librarian

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